The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper


My fellow Canadians, even before my time in public life, I have had foremost a respect for the wisdom of the electorate. True enough, I haven’t always agreed with the outcome of your collective decision - and tonight, I must admit, is one of those nights - but I have accepted that when the broad consensus of an election night is reached, it is surely the Canadian people who know what’s best for Canada, not me. I won’t pretend that I am not disappointed with tonight’s results; I can’t pretend that I anticipated them either. But I accept them and appreciate the message you have sent us.

I have been your Prime Minister for nearly two years. It is the highest honour that can be bestowed to a fellow citizen and each day I woke up humbled by the trust you placed in the Conservative party and its leader. I do not look back at these past years with regret or disappointment. I am a proud of our achievements. In a short time, our government introduced the most significant anti-corruption legislation passed in Canada’s history; we advanced the cause of aboriginal Canadians further than had been done in the past generation; we launched the rebuilding of our woefully neglected military; we resolved trade disputes that lingered for decades; we returned to the Arctic and the world. All the while, our economy boomed, joblessness fell and our fiscal house never looked stronger.

I am proud of our government and proud of our party.

Fellow members of the Conservative party,

From you, your tireless efforts and your boundless creativity, I have drawn immense inspiration. In tonight’s defeat you should draw no lessons. You fought the good fight, you ran to the last mile. I believe in the Conservative party and I believe in the ideas that make the conservative movement in Canada. I believe in you. There is only one conclusion I can draw in from this campaign: I failed you. Effective immediately, I resign from my post as leader of this great party so that we can renew ourselves and take government once more and soon. Make no mistake, I am not resigning and withdrawing. I am here with you, fellow Canadians, fellow conservatives, to soldier on and make Canada a great place.

God Bless Canada and thank you very much.

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